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Transmission Services

Miscellaneous Transmission Services

We offer 4 levels of Automatic transmission services:

ATS 1 Service

With our ATS 1 service we will remove the transmission pan and change the interior filter and the pan gasket, replace the pan, and refill the transmission. Up to 5 quarts of fluid are included in the price, there will be an upcharge for any fluid beyond 5 quarts or any special transmission fluids.

ATS 2 Service

With our ATS2 service we use our T-Tech machine to flush 18 quarts of our fluid through the transmission which results in a 100% fluid replacement flush of the transmission an upcharge may be applied for special trans. fluids.

ATS 3 Service

With our ATS3 service we will remove the pan change the filter and pan gasket and flush the system with our T-tech machine.

ATS 4 Service

Our ATS4 service is a simple drain and refill and is the same for automatic transmissions or manual transmissions. This service also includes up to 5 quarts of oil, an upcharge for any fluid over 5 quarts or for synthetic fluid may apply.

We also have transmission cleaners and conditioners available for an additional cost.

Radiator Services

Differential Services

Differential services are the same price whether they are a drain and fill or need to be sucked out, upcharges may apply for synthetic fluids and/or additives.

Radiator Services

We have 2 different coolant services:
Our radiator flush service consists of us flushing the system with our air powered Viper AF 3250 machine which will result in a 100% fluid replacement of the entire cooling system.

Our radiator drain and fill service is a simple drain and refill service.

We also have coolant cleaners, conditioners, and sealers available for an additional cost.

Additonal Products and Services

  • Pressurized fuel injection cleaning,
  • Power steering flush,
  • Brake system flush,
  • Engine leak diagnoses with ultraviolet dye,
  • Engine flush,
  • A/C top offs
  • rain-X wiper blades and installation
  • BG Products
  • Windshield chip repair
  • Propane tanks and refill(s) including RV tanks
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